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Statement by the Press Secretary on Guinea Bissau

Statement by the Press Secretary on Guinea Bissau

The United States strongly condemns the actions taken by certain elements of Guinea Bissau’s military to seize power from the country’s civilian leadership, and we call for the immediate restoration of the legitimate government.

We remain deeply concerned about the safety of the country’s interim president, senior figures, and others who may be put in harm’s way because of these actions. We call for the release of all government leaders and urge all parties to reconcile their differences through the democratic process.

We welcome the strong statement by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) condemning this unconstitutional seizure of power, and we applaud ECOWAS’s consistent efforts to reinforce constitutional rule. We also welcome the United Nations Security Council’s attention to the situation in Guinea Bissau and its swift condemnation of the events there.

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